Based in Sydney, Australia, AUS2ONE ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD strives to be a pioneer in introducing Korean Entertainment into the Australian community and to making their mark in providing Australians with a variety of different styles of music from today’s top influential artists.

Born from a group of Korean Entertainment enthusiasts, founder Naureen Gana and staff members began to organize social events for Australians with the same interests in Korean Pop culture that lead to developing the Entertainment and Media Company called AUS2ONE ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD. The name represents their aspiration to bring the Korean Wave to the locals and hints towards the fusion between the two countries: “Aussies together as one”. Officially established in 2010, Aus2one blasted into the entertainment scene through their participation in Melbourne's very first Korean Music Festival with Korean band NIA and well known Sydney-based youtubers.

Aus2one is committed to bringing Korean Entertainment enthusiasts together with social events in the future, and will ensure that Korean Pop fans will have an opportunity to meet and enjoy their common interests together in a friendly atmosphere. Aus2one's objective is to hold events in the form of fan conventions and concerts around Australia and be the #1 source to go to for information on current popular Korean artists.

After observing the success of Korean music concerts in Los Angeles, Aus2one took the opportunity to establish a talented team of local officials to strengthen our connection with the organizers of the Los Angeles Korean Entertainment. Although growing at a rate beyond what they envisioned with huge events planned in the future, Aus2one has high hopes to be able to hold similar events in Australia with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm as their Los Angeles counterpart.

The logo lends itself to the theme of both local & globalized unity. It's smoothness represents the company's smooth and continuous functionality. If you look closely, the logo is composed of organic forms representing the following : a, 2 (upside down), o. The logo design boasts the thought of cultural awareness, overall support and dependability

AUS2ONE 4 U INCORPORATED | ABN 22 246 289 215